Issue 27

    0 takes last-minute global has launched a global last-minute hotel booking app called Tonight, which it claims is a first for the sector. The move highlights the ever-growing importance of last-minute bookings, particularly in the mobile market, which is becoming increasingly crowded. Tonight is the latest in's family of hotel booking apps.  In 2011,’s [...]

    Google results may drive hotels move

    Google’s first-quarter results showed a 24% rise in year-on-year revenues, although cost-per-click fell for the second consecutive quarter, down 12% on the year. The drop, which was likely to have been caused by an increase in the use of mobile technology, has fuelled speculation that the company will start to look for new revenue streams, [...]

    Travelzoo attracts deal-makers

    Travelzoo is reported to have hired an advisor ahead of a possible sale, after a series of disappointing results over the past year. It is thought that the company could sell out to a rival online travel agent, or could be acquired by a company such as Google, which is expanding its position within the [...]

    eLong to streamline

    eLong is reported to be planning to trim its operations to focus on hotel sales, moving away from lower-margin products such as flights. The move indicates that the company is no longer competing for online travel market dominance with domestic rival Ctrip but is instead adopting a niche approach similar to that used by partner [...]

    Hotels become more average

    Hotels are becoming increasingly competent in their online representation, according to L2’s second annual Digital IQ Index. L2 said that this had led to a rise in companies reaching its ranking of ‘average’. While only three brands attained the level of ‘genius’, the fact that the sector is now being studied to assess its technological [...]