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The intelligence source for the hotel distribution and technology community

Hotel Analyst Distribution and Technology is a new service for all owners, operators, advisers or suppliers to help navigate the latest technologies to maximise the returns for their businesses. It is a unique service designed to help the hotel industry better understand this evolving sector.

It is a subscription only news service providing information tailored to its readers rather than to advertisers.

Why do you need to pay for information? Because if your time is valuable, a subscription service will save you money by saving the time and effort of trawling free news services that are filled full of irrelevant articles about products and services.

In addition, we offer something you will find nowhere else. Our news goes beyond the press release, taking you to the heart of the issues that matter. Rather than regurgitating what companies say, we delve deeper, helping you to understand the real meaning of events.

For the past eight years, subscribers of our sister title Hotel Analyst have benefited from just such a service. Based in London, it has proved its worth to subscribers throughout the European area and beyond by delving into the issues, often rejecting received orthodoxy and challenging our readers perception.

Now we are launching in the distribution and technology sector. Our editor-at-large, Dr Peter O’Connor, has extensive experience in the hotel sector. He is currently based in Paris, where he is academic director and professor of information systems at Institute de Management Hotelier International, part of ESSEC Business School.

Dr. O’Connor’s primary research, teaching and consulting interests focus on the use of technology in the hospitality and tourism sectors. He has developed expertise on the use of electronic channels of distribution in tourism, and on how information technology can be used to enhance both the management and operational effectiveness of hospitality organisations.

Dr. O’Connor is supported by editor Katherine Doggrell and editorial director Andrew Sangster. Katherine has spent over a decade covering the hotel sector and previously worked for technology titles including CreateOnline and Business 2.0, currently blogging for The Huffington Post. Andrew is an experienced financial journalist based in London. He is the editor and owner of Hotel Analyst and has experience that extends to national newspapers, broadcasters and trade journals.

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