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“In a busy world where high values are placed on time, Hotel Analyst is one of the fastest, most effective and efficient methods of keeping abreast with developments, news and business issues in the hospitality industry. Its style is innovative and simplistic in terms of getting accurate and important information across in a publication which is always an interesting pleasure to read from many perspectives.”

Tony Potter, President, Braveagle Partnership Ltd

Industry Movers

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Hotel Analyst's Industry Movers service

Free exclusive membership available to individuals working in a senior capacity in the hotel industry. Depending on the nature of your organisation you can qualify as a member of Hotel Analyst's Investor Network or Hotel Analyst's Adviser Network. Investors are organisations that invest in, own or operate hotels. Advisers are suppliers to the hotel industry including professionals such as lawyers, property specialists, consultants or debt financiers.
The Industry Movers service is a peer-to-peer contact information service available only to individuals who are qualified as working at a senior level within companies. The contact details are provided exclusively for individual networking purposes. The final decision on membership rests with the editor of Hotel Analyst.

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By subscribing to Industry Movers you agree to let us contact you about Industry Movers. We will also hold your details for other promotional purposes. If you do not want your details to be passed to third parties please e-mail us using this link.