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Apple enters mobile payments

The launch of Apple Pay, which will allow consumers to treat the iPhone 6 as a wallet, is expected to see Apple dominate the field of NFC payments.

US banks are reportedly battling to convince consumers to link their cards to the service, which will  use existing technology, allowing retailers to adopt it as soon as it launches in October.

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Ctrip, Qunar split to take on China

Ctrip and Qunar have announced that they will no longer be working together, one year after announcing an agreement that was expected to lead to a merger.

The pair had joined forces in an attempt to dominate China’s online market, but have now split to attack the growing market separately.

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Hotels continue to lag in holiday planning

When it comes to leisure travel, the OTAs continue to dominate the path to purchase for both UK and US consumers, according to a report from Expedia Media Solutions.

The company looked at the 45-day period leading up to a holiday package booking and found that hotel suppliers accounted for just 0.90% of visits in the UK.

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Travelport IPO priced at USD1.9bn

Travelport’s IPO has been priced at up to USD1.9bn, with the flotation expected to raise around USD480m.

The company said that it intended to use the proceeds from the offering to repay debt, which was about USD3.4bn at the end of March, as it looks to grow.

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Hotels face ancillary challenge

Travel agencies in the US are campaigning to be allowed to offer airline products and services such as bag fees and priority boarding for sale.

If they are successful, ancillary hotel products such as Wi-Fi could be their next target, suggesting that hotels should make the first move or risk being left behind the online travel agents again.

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