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Alibaba IPO spree mooted for Expedia

Alibaba, which raised USD25.02bn in its IPO, has been linked to a possible bid for Expedia.

The company has already begun spending, with the USD457m purchase of a 15% stake in Beijing Shiji Information Technology, a hotel technology and services company, highlighting its renewed interest in the travel sector.

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HotelTonight goes hotel next week

HotelTonight has confirmed rumours that it will be expanding its booking window to include bookings up to seven days in advance.

The company said that it was confident it had created “the only hotel booking tool you'll ever need”.

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UK government embraces sharing

The UK government has said it wants to make the country “the global centre for the sharing economy”.

Matt Hancock, business and enterprise minister has ordered a review of the sector, in the same week that UK-based Housetrip announced a restructuring and redundancies.

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Marriott looks to Millennials

Marriott International has looked to the Millennial traveller for inspiration in designing a concept room.

The move is part of an ongoing trend at the group as it attempts to engage with the next generation of consumers.

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Rate parity debate reopened in UK

Skyscanner has won an appeal over the agreement reached in January between the Office for Fair Trading and, Expedia and InterContinental Hotels Group.

The OFT, now the Competition and Markets Authority, has been told to look again at the conclusions it reached after the Competition Appeal Tribunal found that it “acted unfairly”.

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