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    Orbitz ‘too small’ to count

    Expedia Inc. has seen its merger with Orbitz Worldwide cleared after the Department of Justice said that Orbitz was “only a small source” of bookings for hotels. The DoJ also pointed to the “rapidly evolving’ online travel market, in particular TripAdvisor’s Instant Booking service and Google’s Hotel and Flight Finder. The Antitrust Division said that [...]

    OTAs fight back on rate parity

    The CMA has closed its investigation into rate parity “on administrative priority grounds” but said it would continue monitoring the issue. The news came as an organisation representing online travel agents in Europe attacking a bill that it claims will end rate parity and hand all pricing power to hotels. The CMA said that its [...]

    Points mean rooms at Expedia

    Expedia has announced that it will allow members of its loyalty scheme to redeem points against merchant hotel purchases. The news came as hotel operators continue to use loyalty programmes as a lure for customers to book direct. David Doctorow, chief marketing & strategy officer, expedia.com, said: “The concept is that we want to allow [...]

    Airbnb expands in the funnel

    Airbnb has acquired trip-planning service Vamo for an undisclosed fee, with plans to close down the brand but integrate the team. The news came as the company announced a partnership with the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce to help promote local businesses to guests. Ari Steinberg, founder & CEO, Vamo, said: “We’re so excited to join [...]

    BeMate looks to growth

    BeMate.com a peer-to-peer service which offers apartments to rent, paired with hotels, has announced plans to expand. The company aims to add around 6,000 new apartments in several destinations, including London, Rome, Paris, Lisbon and the US during the first months of 2016. The brand was launched alongside Room Mate Hotel, which was founded in [...]

    Accor to charge 14% for distribution

    Accor Hotels has confirmed to this publication that it will charge independent hotels a commission of 14% to use its new distribution marketplace. The company said it expected to add 500 independent hotels to AccorHotels.com by the end of the year, en route to its target of 10,000 within two and a half years. Romain [...]

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